When you have a home you will need utilities such as water gas and electricity. Water tends to be supplied by one company in each area and so you will just have to go with that company, regardless of what you think of them. However, gas and electricity can be supplied by a lot of different companies and it can be worth comparing them in different ways so that you can pick the one that you think will suit you the best.


The cost will often be one of the most if not the most important thing for us. Even if it is not the most important, it will still be likely to be a factor in deciding. You will find that different utility companies charge different rates. It can be confusing because they could charge in different ways to each other. For example, you could find that they might have different standing charges to each other as well as different usage rates. Some may charge a certain amount for the certain amount of energy you use and then perhaps a different amount once you have used a certain amount. It can be rather confusing. The only way that you can really compare is to let a supplier know how much energy you used the previous year and then see what they would have charged you and compare it. Obviously, you may not use the same amount each year, but this will give a general idea and will let you be able to think about whether there are some providers that will be significantly cheaper than others. At this point you might just decide to go with the cheapest provider.


Some people do worry about going with the cheapest provider. They hope that they will be able to find a provider that they know will offer good value for money and therefore, as well as being cheap, they want one that will provide them with a good service as well. Most will be similar and you will just hope that they will be able to provide a continuous energy supply and that you will be able to pay your bills how you wish to. However, you might want to have a look at some of the reviews of the companies as well as possibly chat to people you know to find out what people think of them. You could also find out what they might look out for in a good and bad utility company and whether they might be able to offer you any tips on which to avoid and why as well as which they will recommend to you. If you have heard of the company you might feel more reassured, but make sure that you do not pick them solely on this unless you can remember why you have heard of them. Just because a lot of people use them does not necessarily mean they are good, it might just mean that they advertise a lot so people know the name and think they trust them.

Customer Service

Customer service can be an important factor. This is because you may need to contact them if you have any problems. You will want to make sure that you are happy with them and that they will be able to help you with anything you need. It can be a good idea to contact them before you switch over so that you know how easy this is and how helpful and polite they are when you do contact them. It can be reassuring to know that you are with a company that are helpful and easy to get through to.

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