We have always hoped that we would be able to help people to stay in control of their finances and hope that by putting together this website we are contributing to that. We have put information on here that we feel will provide a useful starting place for people to start examining their finances. Looking at them in more detail and understanding methods that can be used to improve them, can be a really useful way to start off with improving finances. We hope that we have put things together in a way that is simple to understand without patronising and will inspire people t take control of their finances and make the necessary changes so that they feel like they are not longer so worried about their financial situation. We realise that this can take a long time, but once you know where to start or feel that it is possible then this can be the way to get going with it. We hope that people are inspired by the articles and want to start taking small steps towards making the large improvements that can bring about a sense of peace that comes with knowing that they are in control of their money rather than it controlling them.